Welcome! My name is Perla Bodden. I am a Los Angeles based Surface/Textile Designer. I enjoy working with various media to create unique and fun designs. I am an avid gardener and take inspiration from nature. I am open to roles within the textile/surface design industry and also look forward to collaborating in various creative projects.

Additional designs can be reviewed on my Pinterest account.

More Compassion "Peonies"
Summer Fruit
More Love "Roses"
This collection was inspired by the allure of a rose. The color palette includes soft tones with hints of lavender. The design elements were inspired by nature.
Spring Wisdom "Iris"
This collection was inspired by a captivating fairy iris I saw on a neighborhood walk. It includes fun leaves and some lavender.
Pure Joy "Daisies"
This collection was inspired by the heartiness of wild daisies and succulents.
Holiday Bouquets "Christmas"
This collection was inspired by my mother's tradition of making little arrangements of seasonal holiday items incorporating pine cones, berries, and blue spruce to decorate our home for Christmas.
Love Bug "Valentine's Day"
The Community Garden
This collection was inspired by my current favorite hobby of gardening. It includes flowers, vegetables, and critters that are commonly found in the garden.
Garden Critters
This collection was inspired by critters I see in my garden. From a distance the designs appear basic but take a closer look and discover the critters.
Day of the Dead
This collection was inspired by the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). To give this collection a fresh look, the color palette highlights softer tones of those traditionally used in this holiday.
Dripped Paint
A warm up paint exercise turned into a few designs.
Watercolor/Gouache Designs
Tie Dye
These designs were inspired by the revival of tie dye and shibori practices.
Animal Prints
Abstract Designs
Hand painted designs enhanced in Photoshop.
Angry Men
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